Why bother with Sunday School?

6The Holiday Season is both fun and stressful.  It is a time when family gets together (fun and stressful) delicious food is everywhere (fun and stressful) and time is at a premium.

One way that we can look at what we value in our live and in our families is to look at how we spend our time.  What gets the most time, what gets the least?  What people and activities need more time and which need less?

No time like right now, when time seems more precious than ever, to prioritize what you value.

We hope that one of those values is sharing and leading your children to a relationship with God. Because at St. Mary’s that is something we value greatly! We value it so much, that  men and women of the parish prepare most weeks to guide and nurture the parish’s younger Christians to a deeper love and knowledge of God.

Come to Sunday School and let St. Mary’s help you raise your disciples.


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