Men’s Bible Study

Dear Brothers in Christ

For those who were not in attendance last night, it was a classic example of when the cat is away, the mice will play.  Russ is braving the storm hitting the mid-west and traveling to Illinois this week.  Pray for him and his travels — and that they are not travails.  In Russ’ absence, I (John Akard, Jr.) facilitated the discussion last night.  (Thank you Forrest for trading weeks with me).  Forrest will be leading the discussions next week.

Well, having read the discussion questions and determined they were too hard to prepare for, I decided to show videos.  (For Star Trek fans, think Kirk and Kobayashi Maru)

Here are links to the websites used:

    • “Hear More”
      • Under “Hear More” are a series of videos on Bishop Doyle’s larger book, The Church: A Generous Community Amplified for the Future.  Our current books is a more practical and much shorter version of this prior book.
      • We watched the Trailer under the “Hear More” tab
    • “Supplemental Resources”
      • Under “Hear More” is another tab called “Supplemental Resources”
      • We watched “The Attractional Church” video
    • The Networked Church
      • We did not watch “The Networked Church” – also under the Supplemental Resources – but in looking at it this morning, that one minute video may be the most relevant video to our current discussions/reading

Also, during our discussion of question #1, I referenced regarding hopeful living.  Here is a link to the article referenced:

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