Communion Instruction and you!

In “ye olden days” of my childhood, I participated in something called “First Communion.” It used to be the custom of the Episcopal Church to have a child not receive Holy Eucharist until a certain age….I think I was in second grade based on the haircut I had in the picture that immortalized my First […]

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Men’s Bible Study

Dear Brothers in Christ For those who were not in attendance last night, it was a classic example of when the cat is away, the mice will play.  Russ is braving the storm hitting the mid-west and traveling to Illinois this week.  Pray for him and his travels — and that they are not travails.  […]

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What is this?

Untitled design (3)Taking Sunday to Monday is all about bringing your faith, your God, and what you practice each Sunday into your home, your work, and your life.

How does church translate into the “real world”? How does it work to be a Christian at work?

Here is where you can find practical and inspirational guidance to do just that.

It’s about integrating your faith into every day of your life.

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